No Strain,
No Gain:
The Greek Yogurt

How greek yogurt is made

Greek yogurt is special because it’s strained. Sounds simple, but that one extra step makes the difference between everyday and epic.

  • how greek yogurt

    Step 1: Milk a Cow

    Everything Oikos begins on the farm.

  • how greek yogurt

    Step 2: Pasteurize

    Pasteurization is a standard heating
    process that kills undesirable bacteria to
    make sure milk is safe to consume.

  • how greek yogurt

    STEP 3: Culture & Ferment

    We add yogurt cultures to milk, then we
    get out of the way and allow time and
    nature to create that characteristic tangy
    flavor — just like yogurt-makers have
    been doing for centuries.

  • how greek yogurt

    STEP 4: Strain

    This is where the magic happens. We
    strain our Greek yogurt to remove a
    portion of the liquid. What’s left: an
    ultra-thick, ultra-creamy base that’s high
    in protein, versatile in recipes and
    basically genius on a spoon.

  • how greek yogurt

    STEP 5: Flavor it Up

    Or not. Whether you like your Greek
    yogurt loaded with chunks of real fruit
    or straight up and simple is up to you.
    Either way, it’s all Greek, and it’s all