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Greek Yogurt Nutrition Benefits

You could say Greek yogurt is
protein-famous, but that’s just
part of the story. You’ll find a
whole bunch of other epic
benefits in every serving of

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    Cultures are the key to turning milk
    into yogurt. (In our case, ultra-creamy
    Greek yogurt.) They also do the all
    -important job of helping break down
    the lactose in milk.

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    Because of the way it’s strained,
    Greek yogurt contains less
    lactose, and therefore less total
    sugar and fewer total carbs
    than the base of regular yogurt.

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    Gluten Free

    No worries here: our Greek yogurt
    does not contain gluten, and doesn’t
    come into contact with ingredients
    that contain gluten during the
    production process.

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    It’s a must for supporting strong bones, and
    you’ll find a good source of it
    in every 5.3-ounce serving of Oikos.

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    Every 5.3-ounce serving has at
    least 11 grams of high-quality
    protein, which means your muscles
    are gonna love it. Get the details

The Great Greek Yogurt vS. Regular Yogurt Smackdown

  • It takes about 2.5X more
    to make Greek
    yogurt than
    yogurt. That
    explains all
    that awesome

  • Greek yogurt is WAY
    thicker and creamier than
    regular yogurt. So
    love it right up.

  • Individual flavors may vary,
    but because of the way it’s
    strained, Greek yogurt can
    be lower in total sugar than
    regular yogurt. Which also
    means lower in total carbs.
    If that’s what you’re into,
    you’re totally welcome.