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15g of protein, 0g added sugar*, 0% fat,
0 artificial sweeteners**.

*Not a low-calorie food **per 5.3oz cup

*Not a low-calorie food **per 5.3oz cup


20 grams of protein to help support muscles**

**per 5.3oz cup

**per 5.3oz cup

Beyond The Spoon


We’re here to challenge everything you’ve ever known. With
joyfully epic tastes. BS-Free nutrients. And radical impact. To
do right by people, by food and by the world.

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GREEK Yogurt & Nutrition

Greek isn’t just a fancy name for yogurt. It’s for people who go BIG on nutrition and taste — like you. Good source of calcium*? Yeah, that’s us. Want less lactose? Greek yogurt has less lactose than regular yogurt due to the straining process.

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*per 5.3oz cup


GREEK Yogurt & Protein

When it comes to nutrition and Greek yogurt, we are all about the protein. And Oikos packs a ton of it, with at least 11 grams in every 5.3-oz serving. A tank full of mighty, mighty protein. And all you have to do is peel back a lid. Boom.

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