Cultured Dairy Drink OIKOS PRO® DRINKS

23g protein, 0g added sugar*, and vitamins B2,
B6, and B12

  • Protein 23g
  • Vitamin D Calcium Strong Bones
  • Esssential Amino Acids 9

*Not a low-calorie food


Greek Yogurt & Protein

Because it’s made from dairy, Greek yogurt serves
up complete dairy protein, packing all 9 essential
amino acids you need. (What’s “essential”? It means
you can’t make them on your own and have to get
them from your diet.)


Greek Yogurt & Nutrition

You could say Greek yogurt is protein-famous,
but that’s just part of the story. You’ll find a
whole bunch of other epic benefits in every
serving of Oikos.


We’re here to challenge everything you’ve ever known. With
joyfully epic tastes. BS-Free nutrients. And radical impact. To
do right by people, by food and by the world.