Your Superhero Sidekick in
the Kitchen

Greek Yogurt & Cooking

Once you crack the code on Greek yogurt recipe swaps,
you’ll never look at dairy the
same way again. This stuff can
literally do anything.

  • cooking-icon-butter

    Butter & Oil

    Swap in Greek yogurt instead of
    traditional fats when you’re baking
    muffins, scones, banana bread, cookies
    and pancakes.

  • cooking-icon-cream-cheese

    Cream Cheese

    For dips, spreads — even frosting! —
    Greek yogurt brings the creamy texture
    you crave

  • cooking-icon-sour-cream

    Sour Cream

    This could be the easiest swap of them
    all. Whether you’re making coleslaw,
    topping a baked potato, mashing up
    guacamole or whipping up a spinach
    dip, plain Greek yogurt goes
    everywhere sour cream goes in style.

  • cooking-icon-mayo


    Remember everything we said about
    swapping plain Greek yogurt for sour
    cream? It works just the same for
    mayonnaise, too.

  • cooking-icon-fresh-cream

    Fresh Cream

    Stir the goodness of Greek yogurt into
    sauces, soups and mashed potatoes as
    a better-for-you alternative to
    traditional cream.

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