protein benefits

Meet Your New Favorite Protein Source

Protein Benefits

Because they’re made from dairy, Oikos products serve up complete protein, packing all 9 essential amino acids you need. (What’s “essential”? It means you can’t make them on your own and have to get them from your diet.) Here’s the milk protein 411:

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    Feel Full (In a Good Way)

    Protein is one of the most satiating
    nutrients. And yogurt that’s a good
    source of protein is a delicious way to
    get it.

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    Strong Bones

    Protein, along with calcium and vitamin
    D, can help support strong bones. And
    Oikos is a good source of all three.

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    Muscle Support

    Proteins, including the milk proteins
    found in Oikos, are key when it comes to
    helping support and maintain muscles.

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    Amino Acids

    Amino acids are the building blocks
    your body uses to make its own
    protein — and some of them can only
    come through a healthy diet. Milk
    protein delivers all 9 of the essential
    amino acids that your body can’t
    make on its own.

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    Weight Maintenance

    High quality milk protein can help
    promote weight maintenance and
    healthy blood glucose management. So
    spooning up and shaping up make a
    great pair.

Why Milk Protein Goes the Distance

It’s all about a one-two punch.
Milk protein (the kind in Oikos)
is actually TWO types of
protein: whey and casein.
About 20% of the protein in
milk is whey, and about 80% is casein.
Whey gets digested by the body quickly
and casein gets digested slowly.