good farms equal
good food

Yogurt this amazing doesn't come from just anywhere. Our milk comes from our amazing farmer partners: people who stand up for health and integrity the same way we do. We do it for them. We do it for the earth.

And we do it for you.

It’s About Community

Fact: If you love yogurt, you’ve gotta
love farms. We love yogurt (obviously) so
we are committed to sourcing our milk
for our Minster, OH plant differently – we support
our farming partners by paying fair
rates and signing long-term contracts, so
they can inspire the next generation
of rockstar milk producers. Win. Win. Win.

Care for the cows begins
with care for the farmers

And we oughta know because we keep it
real with the farmers who raise them.
Our farmers deserve it. We require it.

Dreamwork. We’re doing a lot, but
we’re not doing it alone.

  • All our Blended and Triple Zero Nonfat Yogurts are Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • Our Blended yogurts are made from milk sourced only from family owned farms.
  • The milk in our Blended yogurts comes from farms that participate in our soil health program. We are proud to implement Regenerative Agriculture practices at the farm level.

Our Sustainability Roadmap

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with Oikos
Blended yogurts, but we know there’s more to be done.
We’ve set a company goal to achieve non-GMO verified
status for every Oikos product by 2023, and 100%
recyclable packaging across our yogurt family by 2025.

B Corp TM  certified

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