Sorry the Live Fit and Love it sweepstakes has ended. Check out some
helpful Fit Tips from our friends at Shape.

Fit-cation Fit Tips

Live a fit life and even an ordinary day will feel like a vacation.

Live Fit & Love It™
Fit Tips

Sure, you’ll want to be in great shape for your Fit-cation, but what about the rest of the year? Help get in (and stay in) motion all year with tips from SHAPE magazine.

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Happier than Happy Hour!

See 5 workouts that are more fun than after-work drinks. Really.

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Every Day is a Fit-cation!

Tired of that treadmill? Ready to erase the elliptical? Check out our list of fun workouts that will re-energize your routine.

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Need an Excuse to Skip the Gym?

During the long, sunny days of summer, the stuffy gym can be especially unappealing. Skipping the gym doesn’t mean skipping a workout; it just means you’ll have to crush some calories while having tons of fun!

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